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Nepal Mountaineering is similar to challenging treks, however, includes basic mountaineering above the snow line using ice axe, crampons ropes and necessary climbing gears under the supervision and instruction from the climbing leader/guide.A person wanting to do this type of expedition needs psychological and physical stamina plus prior experience. Minimum 30 days required for the trekking and mountaineering. We have some Himalayas day by day program. Please write us for your requirements and we shall forward you the more detail with approximately cost.

The royalty and size of the expedition team: Rules effective from 1996 spring ascent route of Everest:
(1) South East Ridge normal route Royalty of USD 70,000 has been fixed for Sagarmatha (Everest) for a team consisting of 7 members. The team may include 5 more members provided if paid extra USD 10,000 for each additional member. The royalty includes trekking fee of the team members. The team members will be granted 3 months visa.

(2) Route south pillar Everest, south west face south west face (Central Pillar) royalty up to 7 members USD 50,000 and the may include 8 more members provided if paid extra USD 10,000 for each additional member. Expedition (3) The team already permitted to scale Everest will have to pay USD 10,000 if it intends to change the ascent route. It will have to pay additional USD 20,000 if it intends to change the ascent route to normal south East Ridge route.

(4) Garbage deposit USD 4,000 each team. Expedition team must complete all necessary administrative formalities and procedures in order to send back the garbage of the expedition team to their respective countries, after the completion of the expedition. Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation will take necessary monetary deposit from the team which will be refunded after the dispatch of garbage from Nepal.

Some Definition: "Foreigner" means any person who is not a citizen of Nepal."Visa" means a permit issued by The Government of Nepal to a foreign national for entering into or staying in the Kingdom of Nepal."Trekking" means a journey to be undertaken on foot for sight seeing in areas where normally modern transport system is not available. "Trekking Agency" means any person, firm or company of whatsoever name which may provide the lodging and travel cultural sight seeing for a fee by arranging trekking generally in places, which have no modern transport facilities.

"Mountaineering Expedition" in Nepal means an act of expedition on any peak of the mountain range of Nepal by any team with the intention of reaching to the summit. "Base Camp" means the camp established in the lowest altitude to store the equipments, provisions, medicine etc. to supply to the advance camp according to the need for the use in the relevant mountaineering expedition or for issuing direction for mountaineering expedition.” Liaison Officer" means the officer deputed by His Majesty's Government under Section 20 of Tourism Act 1978 to accompany the mountaineering expedition team.

"Sirdar" means the headperson who arranges the local porters, and who supervises the mountain guides, high altitude porters, or the workers of the Base Camp." Mountain Guide" means a person who helps the mountaineers in his expedition beyond the Base Camp. "High Altitude Porter" means the porter who carries essential materials to and from beyond the Base Camp.

"Local Porter" means the porter who carries the materials of the mountaineering expedition team to and from upto the Base Camp. "Base Camp Worker" means person who cooks food for the mountaineering expedition team, mail carrier and person doing this sort of work in the Base Camp. "Mountaineering Association" means the Mountaineering Association which is registered according to law and recognized by the Government under section 37 to Tourism Act 1978 for the purpose of mountaineering expedition. Please read Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation Instead of Ministry of Tourism for other information.

Nepal Expedition

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